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LazerSausage, a.k.a. Dario is a London-based Data artist and Full stack developer, who obtained a Master of Arts with Honours in Cognitive Science from Edinburgh University. He works as a a Developer and Designer for big companies and startups alike, helping bring their data to life through deep and meaningful, yet aesthetically pleasing visualisations. His interests Include Data Art, Music, Games, Human-Computer Interaction and Artificial Intelligence. Links Homepage Facebook

NSF Music Collective

NSF Music collective is an NSF music unit comprised of four members: Hally (Leader), Tappy, Robokabuto and Bun. Details? The photo tells the full story. That’s all.


Whoever fights chiptune should see to it that in the process he does not become a chiptune . And if you gaze long enough into bass, the bass will gaze back into you. Links Soundcloud | Twitter


Kunio is a Gameboy-based chipmusician who specialises in loopy, dance floor fillers. He makes curry from the raw ingredients. Recently he is interested in the crossover between literature, rap, and chiptune which he explores through the 3-man group SUPERSTARS. Links Soundcloud | Chiptune Hell

DJ Master Kohta

DJ Master Kohta is the “master” (owner) of the most famous 8-bit themed cafe in Kyoto – Cafe La Siesta! He also runs the chiptune event 1H1D – (Only play games for one hour a day!!!). Links Homepage | cafe la siesta | Twitter