Jaelyn Nisperos, a.k.a. chibi-tech, is a former Bay Area Californian now working as a game music composer and sound designer in Japan. Stemming from her long-time experience with early home computers and video game consoles, she loves to push the technical limits of soundchips via insanely meticulous manipulation. Combined with her wide knowledge & appreciation of different musical genres and instrumentation, she enjoys creating raw yet detailed chiptunes with surprisingly realistic qualities… making basic waveforms simulate either acoustical instruments & percussion, famous electronic synthesizer patches, or even different ranges of vocals. All in the most convincing manner. chibi-tech is also a pure geek of many odd forms. Often it influences her music in the most hilarious of ways. Sometimes in the most shocking & absurd of ways, even! But ultimately she hopes that her music leaves a wonderful & unforgettable impression in every listener.

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