Captive Raptors

Two star-crossed brothers from other mothers, Captive Raptors is the result of a chance meeting between video game composer Derris-Kharlan and singer Christopher de Cinque. Wait… Did we say chance meeting? We meant preordained baby… Both were actually fans of the other’s work completely unbeknownst to each other. Christopher was getting down to the sultry Derris sound on the now defunct 8bitCollective, while Derris was a Closure in Moscow fanboy, Christopher’s hot teen rock ‘n’ roll outfit. When they finally joined forces, they quickly realized it was a potent combination of ideas. Throwing all kinds of nasty jive shapes, from prog chip odysseys, to Vengaboys covers, Captive Raptors will get up in your mind-guts with unmitigated audacity… And you can take that to the intergalactic bank, Jack.


Derris Kharlan

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Closure in Moscow

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