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Saitone is one of the Gameboy chiptune pioneers of Japan. His music is a trial and error journey through the 8-bit soundscape, embracing the sound, but not becoming enslaved to it. His first album “Overlapping Spiral” was released in 2008. He has done remix work for the likes of Plaid and U-zhaan × Rei Harakami and appeared in multiple international music events in places like New York, Australia and Sweden.


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2mg made his bones playing show upon show in the London club and rave scene. Following his return to Japan, he entered a musical hiatus, re-emerging as a chiptuner in 2015. His sound takes a cue from his UK days, incorporating elements of Schranz and Hardtek to deliver a play style that packs punch. He is a cat person. 


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On September 10th and 11th, 19 musicians and visualists from around the globe will perform some of the best chipmusic the world has to offer at world class Tokyo venue, Koenji High.

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KAZ a.k.a. HIGE


Who said that…? Chip… tune…?

KAZ a.k.a.HIGE is a chiptune/VGM DJ from Kyoto, Japan. 

He’s played at the majority of chipshows in Japan, from the 1h1d event at Cafe La Siesta in Kyoto, Denpa, and Animetro among others. regardless of genre, you can find him between 10 and 20 times a year at various live events. 

He is one of the organisers of the game music event “Gameobea.”

He’s the chiptune fairy (twinkle twinkle) that can keep a lounge area nice n chill, or get the dancefloor pumping. A real all star of the chip scene!





Higedriver is a chiptuner that specialises in high energy and catchy melodies. 

His most famous track “Ukigumo” was featured on the French cable channel “Nolife TV” achieving a record-breaking 7 weeks in the number one slot!

As well as his chiptune projects he has also recently been making music for anime, idol groups and games/

He DJs and does live chipshows, but has also been known to play conventions and fashion shows both within Japan and overseas. 

His latest project is HigedriVAN, a full band amalgamation of rock and chiptune.


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