Perth-based human Atomsmasha draws on his 15+ years of experience as a musician/producer/serial tinkerer to squeeze dirty, funky beats out of old computers and sh*t. Accomplishing the bulk of his work with two gameboys and an OP-1 full of dope bars, he’s hitting up Tokyo for what is set to be his finest display of cultural appropriation to date.


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Lazerbeat makes low resolution visuals for electronic music. He hero worships NO CARRIER and m7kenji.




Toriena is a chiptune girl from Japan who was born in 1993.

She is the curator of Japanese chip-label MADMILKY RECORDS.

She makes all her own art, both music (song writing, lyrics, arrangement) and art (illustration and design).

She uses a Gmeboy running LSDJ to make poppy yet hard as nails tunes to get the dance floor going mental!

She’s appeared on the international stage such as at Square Sounds Melbourne 2015 and Lucca Comics & Game 2015 (Italy).

She has produced tracks for both KOMAI and Capcom projects.


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Kenji’s dive into the world of graphic design started in 2003 with his development of websites for mobile phones. He learnt how to use a multitude of graphic design software such as Flash. As a side project to this, he started VJing where he appeared most predominantly at local chiptune events.

He has since developed a number of games for smart phones including RokujyouhitomaRingo, and Bugtronica.

Recently he made the music video for Toriena’s Pulse Fighter as well as a new pixel art application for twitter: PixelTweet. He also designed this website!



Jaelyn Nisperos, a.k.a. chibi-tech, is a former Bay Area Californian now working as a game music composer and sound designer in Japan. Stemming from her long-time experience with early home computers and video game consoles, she loves to push the technical limits of soundchips via insanely meticulous manipulation. Combined with her wide knowledge & appreciation of different musical genres and instrumentation, she enjoys creating raw yet detailed chiptunes with surprisingly realistic qualities… making basic waveforms simulate either acoustical instruments & percussion, famous electronic synthesizer patches, or even different ranges of vocals. All in the most convincing manner. chibi-tech is also a pure geek of many odd forms. Often it influences her music in the most hilarious of ways. Sometimes in the most shocking & absurd of ways, even! But ultimately she hopes that her music leaves a wonderful & unforgettable impression in every listener.

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